@Gabz no problem. your profile pic made me lol btw. that was a great game.

@manton no problem. Once I have my theme all customized the way I like, is there an easy way to export all the theme files? I would like to share it on my own GitHub. I know I can duplicate the orginal GitHub theme and then just copy/paste the modified files but not sure if there's and easier way.

@Gabz so the Hello theme does not make use of the custom footer that’s available in account settings. You’ll have to Edit Custom Themes for the Hello theme and modify the file at: layouts/partials/footer.html. You can read more about that process here: help.micro.blog/2019/abou...

@c yeah seems some content isn’t being loaded properly over SSL. Hey @manton any idea what’s going on here? I did also submit a help support ticket.

@pratik I had stopped using Micro.blog but returned when I realized it was time to drop Facebook and Twitter is just a terrible place.